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Letar du efter nya marknader och vill utöka din säljaktivitet? Registrera ditt företag gratis på Kompass och utnyttja vår målgrupp för att bredda och förbättra din internationella profil.

Tillgång till företagsdata

Hitta nya prospekt genom vår globala B2B-databas eller genom vår integrerade CRM-lösning.

  • Identifiera och kontakta dina målgrupper
  • Bedöm dina målgrupper utifrån ekonomisk risk
  • Koppla ihop ditt CRM-system med en referensdatabas
  • Skapa målgruppsstyrda e-postkampanjer


We can analyse and update your existing customer database. Our locally based experts can also help with providing new & additional content.

  • Save costs on your sales & marketing campaigns
  • Enjoy the benefits of timesaving database updates
  • De-duplicate your database and enrich it with relevant information
  • Clean company data by removing those companies no longer trading

Digital annonsering

Successful promotion and building their brand awareness is a key strategic goal for all companies.

  • Benefit from an optimised web presence locally and worldwide
  • Find new buyers looking to make a purchasing decision
  • Maximise visibility with a responsive company profile design
  • Skapa internationell kännedom om ditt varumärke

Social selling - Försäljning via sociala nätverk

Using ByPath, sales and marketing teams can save valuable time on research, connect with more prospects and gain more influence with business decision makers.

  • Providing business intelligence to support your sales cycle
  • Helping you engage with prospects outside of your network
  • Skapa en mer fokuserad strategi när det kommer till försäljning via sociala nätverk
  • Establish possible risks and opportunities with targeted alerts

De använder Kompass för att utveckla sina affärer

  • Hudson

    Valérie de Dieuleveult - Recruitment consultant

    " EasyBusiness has proven to be a huge time saver, with access to a large amount of data on a single platform, giving us the opportunity to find new prospects and target companies we may not have thought of before! "

  • Bouygues Telecom Entreprises

    Nicolas Rouzé - Head of Leads Generation

    " After less than six months of using Bypath, we have been able to save the costs of a full time employee for every team of ten "

  • Flow

    José Antonio Denia - Head of Product Management

    " Our continued positive experience of working with Kompass has meant we can build targeted marketing lists, by downloading relevant emails and phone numbers, to create even more effective advertising campaigns."