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Holund Elektronikk A/S

Hvamsvingen 24
2013 Skjetten

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Holund Elektronikk A/S is a major supplier of various electronic products focusing on the following main business areas:
- radiocommunications
- camera surveillance within the maritime and transport sectors
- special safety products.

In our customer base you find retailers and wholesalers, workshops, manufacturing companies, power companies and municipalities.

Holund Elektronikk A/S was established in 1990 and located with head office and warehouse at Skjetten, 20 km north of Oslo. From here our competent staff aim to serve all customers in with the best and most efficient way possible.

For a complete overview of our product portfolio, please see our website www.holund.no. We hope our new online store will be to your liking and that you will find the products you are looking for.

Antenna, antennas, plugs, connectors, adapter, radio, connection, rear view camera, monitor, Ice, Atex, Atex radio, power supply, Power, communication, radio communication, alarm alerts, alarm, hunting radio, charger, cable, coaxial cable, coaxial plugs, drone, base antenna , Maritime antennas, Boat, shipwreck, Yagi antennas, DAB antennas, GPS antennas, GPS repeater, Marine camera, Camera surveillance, RF plugs, Transitions, Fiber cable, Cable 50 ohms, Cable 75 ohms, Adapter cable, Shrink tools, antenna splitter, Adapter cable, Shrink tool, antenna splitter, Adapter cable, Shrink tool, antenna splitter, AMS antenna, VHF Marine Radio, Emergency VHF Radio, VHF/UHF Radio, Digital Radio, DN Radio, Rear Vision Camera.

Allmän information

Etableringsår 1990
Företagskapital 1 000 000 NOK
Verksamhetstyp Huvudkontor
Moms NO956245117MVA
Fax +47 63 87 48 30
Hemsida http://www.holund.no


  • HLE 

  • Hanlong 

  • ENTEL 

  • SIRIO 

  • Lambda 

  • GPS Source 

  • Carant 

  • Transvoice 

  • Glomex 

  • Amphenol 


  • DnB NOR


Område: Globalt


Område: Västeuropa, Central- och Östeuropa

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  • Företag

    8 Anställda


  • 2016

    18 991 000 NOK

  • 2015

    18 722 000 NOK

  • 2014

    18 540 000 NOK

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Torstein Lunde

VD (Daglig leder)

Tone Lunde

Styrelseordförande (Styreleder)

Tone Lunde

Administrations- och ekonomichef (Økonomi)

Oda Cecilie Aarsand

Inköpschef (Innkjøp)

Oddvar Sollien

Säljchef (Salg)

Sten Malnes

Säljchef (Salg)

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