SGV Forging in Skultuna AB

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Tibblevägen 21 Östra Verken
72620 Skultuna


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Juridisk information SGV Forging in Skultuna AB

Typ Huvudkontor
Etableringsår 2008
Beskriv ditt företag och locka till dig nya affärer (SNI07) Diverse övrig metallvarutillverkning (25999)
Företagskapital 100 000 sek
Organisationsnr. 5567554174
Moms SE556755417401
Anställda på företaget 13 Anställda
Kompass-ID? SE372721
Kompassmedlem sedan + 7 år
Medlemskap Booster

Presentation SGV Forging in Skultuna AB

Vi är en samarbetspartner och komplett leverantör av varmpressade och bearbetade metallkomponenter.


> Våra produkter utgörs av varmpressade, bearbetade och svarvade komponenter i mässing, aluminium, aluminiumbrons och koppar.


> Vi kan även utföra legoarbete i CNC-svarv samt 3 - och 4-axlig flerop maskin.


> Våra kunder finns inom de flesta branscher, t.ex fordonsindustri, elkraft, telekommunikation, VVS, bygg, och marin.,Manufacturing

> Often, when we forge a blank, we save a lot of material and end up with a blank to process. Our customers buy blanks which they process themselves, but we also carry out processing to produce finished products. In brass, we have the capacity to forge workpieces in unit weights from a few grams up to 25 kg. We forge about 800 tonnes of brass and about 30 tonnes of copper every year. Aluminium has not been a major raw material for us, but demand has risen among our customers. We have therefore now expanded our business to include forged products in aluminium.


> We have three press lines for hot forging, which takes the form of each press line heating a cut material object. The blank is then forged and cooled down on a cooling table before being trimmed to produce a finished workpiece. All of these steps are fully automated.


> We also have traditional presses, which are operated by robots or controlled manually. Our latest investment is a screw press manufactured by Siempelkamp in Germany. It has a press force of 1,250 tonnes, which makes us unique in Northern Europe.


> Our manufacturing takes place both with material we have purchased ourselves and material provided by the customer. We manufacture in batches from a few thousand per order to volumes of around one million of the same item. Deliveries go primarily to the Nordic region, Europe and South America.


> Always with a maximum focus on the customer, so that we can offer the very best service and become an obvious first choice for you, the customer.

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Typ: ISO 9001


Västeuropa, Central- och Östeuropa
Danmark, Tyskland, Norge

Varumärken  SGV Forging in Skultuna AB


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Pär Anders Sam-Owen Olofqvist


Lars Johan Fransson


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Övriga adresser

Besöksadress Tibblevägen 21 Östra Verken 72620 Skultuna Sverige
Postadress Box 44 72620 Skultuna Sverige

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