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TME Thermometers, Temperature Sensors and Probes


TM Electronics (UK) Ltd

Mulberry House
Mulberry Lane, Goring-by-Sea
Worthing West Sussex BN12 4RD

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What we do: TME Thermometers (TM Electronics) design and manufacture high quality temperature test and measurement equipment for a wide range of industries. TME's innovative designs produce accurate and robust thermometers and sensors that are easy to use. TME thermometers, temperature sensors and probes are used in facilities management, HVAC, food manufacturing, catering and hospitality, building maintenance, retail and the cost sector.    

Industry specialists: TME is the industry leader in water temperature testing and monitoring equipment for the prevention of Legionnaires. disease. TME specialises in high-quality handheld catering thermometers and dishwasher-safe food probes and is an established member of CESA, the catering equipment suppliers association. TME is an FPAL registered supplier, specialising in rugged, waterproof instruments very suitable for the oil, gas and marine industries.  

TME product range: Over 600 different lines, including 100% waterproof thermocouple thermometers, low-cost pocket sensors, robust probes, data loggers for fridges, freezers and transportation, wireless logging systems, temperature barcode scanner / reader, portable infra-red calibration kits, water-safety kits for legionella risk prevention and fine wire sensors, Bluetooth thermometers and printers, stainless steel wall-mount holders and probe wipes. TME also offer a very competitive repair and calibration services, including our unique low-cost Thermometer for Life scheme.  

Design experts: TME Thermometers (TM Electronics) offers 25 years. experience in design and manufacture with particular expertise in tailor-made design as well as off-the-shelf products. We can manufacture to your own specification, including own-branding if desirable, and our sales team are always happy to advise on unusual applications.  

Worldwide distribution: TME Thermometers (TM Electronics) supplies directly to a wide range of industries throughout the world, and also actively encourages new relationships with overseas distributors in all countries.
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Allmän information

Etableringsår 1990
Registration no 03977726
Juridisk form Private Limited
Verksamhetstyp Huvudkontor - Distributionskontor - Fabrik - Försäljningskontor
Moms GB 550 1878 45
Fax +44 1903 244307
Hemsida http://www.tmethermometers.com


  • CA2005 Colour Coded Temperature Range  (Producent, Distributör / Exportör)

    Save money with NEW colour-coded catering probes
    Most pubs and restaurants already use colour-coded chopping boards to prevent cross-contamination between food groups. But why splash out on colour-coded thermometers when there’s now a much cheaper method available?
    TME’s NEW CA2005-PK temperature kit combines a single, high-accuracy HACCP compliant thermometer with six colour-coded, waterproof needle probes – detachable for cleaning so perfect for running through the ware washer or dunking in the sink.
    More hygienic than a colour-coded pen thermometer, the new kit’s also much cheaper at around £130 - or if you don’t want all six colours, a real snip at only £15 a probe or £65 for the single thermometer-and-probe combo.  
    Do your thermometers tend to go missing or get broken? TME’s CA2005-PKW is the ideal solution: a complete wall mount kit containing a thermometer and six probes stored in a hygienic colour-coded wall holder – all for and unbeatable £144.
    TME’s MD, Tom Sensier: “ The old method of multiple colour-coded pen thermometers will soon be an expensive memory. With our CA2005 range it’s only the probes - relatively low cost items - which ‘change’ colour. And because they’re waterproof you get a much more hygienic result too.
      TME – When temperature matters        
    +44 (0)1903 700751                    sales@tmethermometers.com               www.tmethermometers.com

  • Notion Lite  (Distributör / Exportör)

  • Notion Pro  (Distributör / Exportör)

  • CLEGK2  (Producent, Distributör / Exportör)

  • TC Wall Port  (Producent, Distributör / Exportör)

  • MM2008 Thermometer with in-built timer  (Producent, Distributör / Exportör)

    A single input Thermometer with an integral 1 minute & 2 minute timer. This Thermometer is primarily developed for use in Legionella risk management and offers reassurance that the correct temperature is taken when monitoring hot and cold water temperatures.
    • Single input thermocouple Thermometer

    • IP67 Waterproof

    • Seven thermocouple types

    • Intergral timer

    • °C/°F selectable

    •  Supplied with shock resistant rubber boot

  • Solo Thermometer  (Producent, Distributör / Exportör)

  • MM7000, MM7100 ThermoBarScan  (Producent, Distributör / Exportör)

    MM7000 ThermoBarScan ThermometerTME’s ThermoBar Scan is a unique Barcode Thermometer with Bluetooth. Combining Bluetooth and Barcode technologies in one easy-to-use device, it is an invaluable tool for goods in, spot checking and Legionella prevention, eradicating all paperwork.The MM7000 records a barcode along with time, date and temperature, revolutionising portable temperature logging. The barcode can represent a product or a location and the instrument uses Bluetooth communication to download the data to a PC, mobile phone or PDA.A radical new feature assigns user-set Temperature Alarms to each barcode, providing visual warnings to make temperature checks that much easier. http://www.tmethermometers.com/mm7000-thermobarscan-digital-thermometer-with-bar-code-reader.html

  • MM2000, MM2010, MM2020, MM2030, MM2040, MM2050  (Producent, Distributör / Exportör)

  • SOLO Thermometer  (Producent, Distributör / Exportör)



  • National Westminster Bank Plc


Område: Asien-Stillahavsområdet, Centralasien, Mellanöstern, Afrika, Central- och Östeuropa, Västeuropa, Nordamerika, Centralamerika, Sydamerika

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Information om befattningshavare

Ms. Ann Gerry

Admin/Finance Controller (Office Manager)

Mr James Deadman

Säljchef (Sales Engineer)

Mrs. Danielle Sensier

Säljchef (Sales & Marketing Director)

Mr Richard Fullbrook

Säljchef (Business Development Manager)

Tom Sensier

Operativ chef (MD and Technical Director)

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SIC (GB 2007) :
Manufacture of non-electronic instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation, except industrial process control equipment (26513)
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Manufacture of instruments and appliances for measuring, testing and navigation (2651)
Manufacture of measuring, testing, navigating and control equipment (2651)

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feb 11 2019
Press release

Radisson Blu adopt MM7000 Combined Temperature Monitoring System

Contact details Danielle Sensier